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BrickShooter players' opinions

I love this game. It's the kind of game where rules are very simple and let a large part for reflexion. So, it's the kind of game you can play for years because, is does not loose of its interest. Keep on this way, it's excellent !!!

Dr. François Pessaux, Department of Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology, U.S.A.

Thanks for a brilliant game, even my three and four year old children play the game. It is helping them no end to understand the concept of moving the tracker ball moves the cursor etc. The love to fill the screen with colours and they are pretty proficient at changing skins and making sure they are on their own games. I cannot believe such a simple idea can be so good for so many people of all ages, the childrens school is very interested since they have seen the progress of my little girl Tiffany.

Ella Watson

I have played Brickshooter when I have needed relaxation from more stressful work.
However I have found that it is a more exacting game played, by using the maximum amount of colours and playing to clearthe board in the fewest moves, this is then repeated at the next level, until you are eventually beaten.
The best that I have been able to achieve is clearing a board having 30 Bricks with a score of 5934. This happens to be the record for our group.
I'd be interested to hear if you know of anyone else playing in the same format.
Thank you for producing an interesting and relaxing game, I for one do not think the boards are completely random.


Your support has been most helpful through the years that I have been playing this game. Still love it and will keep playing.


Brickshooter is one of the best puzzles that have known.


I have to tell you, I have bought several games over the years like bejeweled and alchemie, petwings etc. I play a little while and then get bored and put them away. Brickshooter is the game that I have played the most out of all of them. You did good guys, be proud of this little time waster. :-)


BrickShooter is a GREAT game. I have been playing it for a couple of years, and still have not gotten tired of it. Of course, I have many different games, and play them all occasionally. However, over the years, BrickShooter stays the most interesting and enjoyable.


I com from the Netherlands
dit is een prachtig spel
waar je de hele dag mee kunt spelen.
BrickShooter its wonderfole

Jan van Rossem

I do not play many games on my pc, but this on is the best & addictive


Ich finde ein super Spiel. Es hńlt mich Stunden gefangen. Auch meine Kinder haben viel Spa▀ damit.


It has become our family game. All of us play 30 minutes per day. It helps us to relax and think effeciently


Great game. Best example of (minute to learn but a lifetime to master) CLASSIC !!!Best stess reliever ever invented.

Kenneth Kidder

Brickshooter is no less than the product of genius. The board is as colorful as a field of flowers in spring. Such energy and concentration it calls out from us! Hope arises as brick after brick are eliminated ...finally the moment of truth arrives when bricks and colors go flying all over the place and the board is once again cleared. A time to relax ...to call it a night? No .....the thrill of victory is too great.... the lure of a new set of bricks demands that we stay and renew our quest ... so we remain, riveted to the screen until our eyes our bleary and fingers numb. We fall into bed, longing for the peace of a dreamless sleep ....but the game continues. Reds and blues, greens and browns take hold of our minds and refuse to let us go. There is no relief ... just hope and desire. Thank you.

Paul Breer

Ich finde, dass Brickshooter ein hervoragendes Denk- und Logikspiel ist. Ich habe mir die 2.0 Version vor ca 2,5 Jahren gekauft und spiele dies immer noch fast jeden Tag. Es wird nie langweilig und schult das geistige DenkvermŠgen sowie die Kombinationsgabe und das Vorausschauen. Es ist fýr Kinder gut geeignet, um dies alles zu schulen. Ich selbst habe 7 Kinder (jetzt zwischen 18 und 26)und konnte 6 davon fýr dieses Spiel begeistern. Bei uns herrscht eine stetige Punktejagd und es wird auch von allen sehr viel und mit Begeisterung gespielt.

Beate Kulow

I think one of the best parts of the game is the ability to save the game. So many games DON'T have a \"save\" feature. Sometimes, I only have 5 or 10 minutes to play and this game gives me the relaxation I need in that time frame. I've been playing this game for 2 or 3 years now...call me an addict!


Until my husband formatted the computer i was up to level 136 and with a score almost two million now im starting again i find it so challenging I love the five save spots i have one odd, one even, one end of last game, one game that acutally starts. and one spot free for those games that are really difficut frequently saving is the best because you find some times in the upper stages that even the start of the game .. is game end... but that just makes you smarter. I find my self doing it while I am in chat .. I love there is not time limit that you are not rushed with it. its really good.

Becky-Sue Smith

I am so addicted to this game I barely get anything done anymore. I hate you people and just love the brilliance!! I sometimes come in on a saturday just to play. I love this game.

Teena H of Houston

I have downloaded a lot of games from c/net, gameville, etc, but brickshooter is the only game that I just can\'t stop playing. You just do not get bored with this game. Everyone in my household just love it! Thank you for a great game!

Sharyn Burtwell

I love this game and play it every single day, sometimes two or three times a day. My top score at the moment is over 11,000.

Rena Lyon

Wir sind auch absolute BrickShooter-Fans. Es ist schon sehr kompliziert, meinen Mann und meine Tochter von dem Spiel wegzubringen. Es macht sýchtig! :D


Excellent jeu dont on ne se lasse jamais


This game is a stress releiver 4 a university student like me,I dont like it I love it


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